Anti Thef Device

Problem: The problem I am trying to solve is the frequent removal of my things from my room without my permission.

Solution: This is a machine that is able to detects when my belongings leave the room. If no permission was granted, an alarm will ring.

Here are some pictures of my project:

The first video shows the disarming sequence, the second video shows the object being removed, the third video shows the object being returned and the last video shows the arming sequence.

Safe Box

Problem Statement:

I have a safe that is locked only by means of a passcode which I enter using a keypad. I do not think that it is safe enough to store very important things. I would like to attempt to create a safe box that will be secure enough for my valuables.


This is my Safe Box prototype. It can be unlocked by a keypad passcode or a RFID keycard. The locking mechanism is powered by 2 metal gear servo motors. The whole system is controlled by an Arduino. Step by step instructions are also clearly shown on the attached LCD screen to ensure user friendliness.

Components used:

  • Arduino Uno
  • 4 by 4 membrane keypad
  • 1602 LCD with I2C
  • RFID RC522
  • MG90S x2


I like that the safe box looks the way I like it and it is easy to use, and can be opened easily. There is also instructions that I like which makes it easy.

For the next prototype, I would like to add on an alarm buzzer activated by a vibration sensor. This will help detect unwarranted access and deter potential thieves.